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Who says A, must say Bollart® …

Negative trends within a society are mediagenic. There is seldom any attention paid to the positive, which in fact is usually present in abundance. With the re-launch of the Antwerp Bollart® and its special editions, the original symbol of Antwerp hospitality, of anchoring, of coming and going – within decent standards – across all frontiers.
The Antwerp Bollart® also embodies the statement that those who become part of a society – even if this is temporary – should carry the soul of this society in their hearts, as a city is so much more than just stone and concrete.

The Bollart® – Special Editions

To place emphasis on the warm Antwerp welcome with a creative catalogue from our own country, a number of Antwerp Bollarts® have been trusted to the Godfather- and Mothership of exceptional Belgian artists and designers. After all, creative individuals are the voice of conscience in a society.
The already realised designs are just a few examples of the many options offered by the shape and appearance of the Antwerp Bollart.

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