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The Antwerp Bollart® - design trouvé

Harbours are the ports of a society, the lungs of a culture. The bollard is the symbol of the safe homecoming or for welcoming visitors.
The design trouvé, the rehabilitation of the obvious stylistic beauty of the bollard of Antwerp – the symbol for the social, touristic and economic welcome – is an initiative from artist-designer Patrick Villas.

By producing the original bollard from Antwerp in manageable material, it turns out to be not only an icon of understanding, but also a multifunctional testimony, the haven – the chair – par excellence: primary; not reduced to frills.

The name Bollart, ‘Bollard’ in French and English, ‘bolder’ in Dutch, refers to the addition of an extra, creative dimension to the authentic design which is released as a naked body.

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